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Learn about the Kompass of life workshop

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Learn how we help young adults and adults discover who they are, what talents and skills they have and what motivates them in life. Take a look at our assessments.



Kareer Insights helps guide the participant through a life and career planning journey. This is done through the Kompass of Life workshop. Click here to learn more about the workshop.



Coaching and mentorship are key in developing the skills to be successful in life and your career. Kareer Insights and its workshop helps you identify the right coach and mentor, see how.


Purchase Workbooks and Assessments

Kareer Insights offers a self paced workbook to those who prefer to develop at their own pace. The Kompass of Life workbook and Coaching guide are two resources that will help you and your mentor understand the necessary steps in developing a meaningful career and life plan.

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The Kompass of Life Participant workbook
This self paced workbook will guild you through 10 assessments and the steps to developing a potential career path and life journey. It is the same materials used in the Kompass of Life workshop with a self paced approach to learning. It is full of success stories and methods to help you plan the next steps in your life. Whether you are 55 years old or 15 this guild will help you set out on your next journey.


The Kompass Of Life Coaching/Parent Guide
This guide contains the coaching methods to help your young adult go through the Kompass of Life workbook. It gives you the coach a way to discuss the assessments and guide them to developing the path that they choose. As a coach you will follow along and take the same assessments that the workbook offers the young adult. It will create a most amazing discovery for yourself and the young adult. We guarantee that you will learn as much about yourself as you will about the young adult. It will create the mentorship bond that every young adult needs to succeed in life!

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