In Middle School, I started wondering what I wanted to do in the future. I couldn’t really think of what I wanted to do as a career after graduating high school, until I took the interactive workshop, “Kareer Insights ™”.

Shane Barber, started developing “Kareer Insights” and writing his advice filled book in 2008. The workshop helps young adults explore their dreams, values, natural talents, and work style to create their first steps in their career paths and journey in life.

Shane has traveled to teach his workshop around different parts of the world, locally and nationally. By 2009, the company escalated, benefitting Shane, and eventually opened the gates for him to retire from his role at Intel. In working for others for 19 years, Shane’s thoughts and ideas only grew so much until he could branch off into his own environment and pursue his dream of helping others find the right path.

Before my brother Cole and I read the book and took the workshop, we were lost, and didn’t know what work force we wanted to be in. It was as if we were at an intersection of different choices, but did not know which route would lead us to success and happiness. We took our first workshop in 2010, and after the first session, I had already felt relieved. The sessions weren’t like being in school.

They were fun, and filled with laughter. We did social exercises, sharing life stories from our most embarrassing moments to the most serious times we’ve had. It felt like I was taking the workshop with my best-friends even though some were complete strangers to me. Shane kept us from being bored, and taught at our own pace, which was also fun. At the end of the workshop, we reflected on our path before we had taken the class, and after. When reflecting on things, my paper is usually blank and my pen sits still, but this time I was on a writing spree, stating what I learned about myself, and how I gained ideas of what work and the work places I wanted to be in. Ideas were flowing through my head, bouncing around the walls of my brain.

In January of 2011, I decided to take the workshop from a freshman perspective. Given the opportunity of being able to have internships through MACCS, I wrote up a resume. I took my talents and values that I had learned from the first workshop, and ended up with my first internship with Vintage V-Dubs, a local Volkswagen shop. The internship helped me gain more knowledge about cars. I began doing work from as simple as sandblasting parts, all the way to rebuilding motors for customers, and everything in between. I made a deal to exchange work for parts and started building my first car, from the chassis up, a 66’ Bug. From the knowledge I was given, I can now say that I built my first car on my own.

In August of 2012, I started my sophomore year at MACCS. I am currently in the process of gaining two internships, one internship with Southwest Precious Metals, fabricating gates, handrails, and other metal work for the public as well as businesses and the second will be an apprenticeship with “Kareer Insights”, developing websites for the company, as well as doing cinematography for future assemblies at schools nationwide.

“Kareer Insights” has helped me out in many different ways which consist of school credits, life skills, learning to support others as well as myself, and has helped me gain a stronger relationship with my dad/mentor. I believe “Kareer Insights” is a life-changing experience that can put you on your feet and guide you to success.