Why? – The Kompass of Life



You know there are many development programs for young adults.  Some are sponsored by respected organizations, some by cities, some by states, and some are international. So, why The Kompass of Life? Because The Kompass of Life is designed to reach young adults before they find themselves in “the system” as well as those already there.  What they learn with us can be applied to help them throughout their lives.  It is a program they will experience together offering them the opportunity to build relationships with piers leading to mutual support and encouragement. It provides coaches and mentors to assist young adults in their journey to find their internal voice.  This is the voice that will help them establish their personal compass that will guide each of them through the interaction of The Kompass of Lifeprogram. Participants will discover, develop and understand their Core Beliefs, Natural Talents, Career Interests, and Life Skills and Harness the Power of Setting Clear and Obtainable Goals.  This interactive process will establish a firm foundation that each participant can build upon for the rest of his or her life.

We have engaged young adults as well as specialists in the establishment of this program.  Their input has helped us understand what their issues and problems are, and how to reach them in a manner that they will embrace.

Shane Barber, the author of The Kompass of Life program, has developed programs that have reached out to about 85,000 people.  He has directly coached over 1,500 adults around the world in career development.  In addition, he has trained over 250 managers on how to do career counseling with their employees. Now, Shane is using his extensive expertise to reach out to young adults.  Currently he is approaching 1,000 young adults who have participated in stages of The Kompass of Lifeprograms. Our goal is to make the program available to every organization and individual who wants to benefit from it.  We also look to train coaches and mentors who wish to take this program to groups – small and large.


We invite you to sign up for upcoming workshops or support someone who is interested in attending one. Please email Shane@Kareerinsights.com for interest.