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Kareer Insights offers 10 assessments to Discover who they are, what drives and motivates them and the talents and skills they have. Here are the assessments that Kareer Insights offers its participants:

Stage 1-The Dream Destination
Stage 2-Core Values – Your Internal Compass
Stage 3-Discovering Your Natural Talents and Turn Them Into Strengths
Stage 4-Discovering Your Interests
Stage 5-Personal Career/Life Inventory
Stage 6-How To Reach Your First Destination-Experimentation
Stage 7-Setting Effective Goals
Stage 8-Life Skills Survey
Stage 9-Turning your Dreams into reality
Stage 10-Identifying a Mentor

Each one of these assessments helps the participant build their life/career plan brick by brick. These assessments come included with the Kompass of Life Workbook but can be purchased separately as well. To purchase them separately please feel free to email Shane@kareerinsights.com. In the future they will be posted on our market place on the home page.