Kareer Insights offers a 4 hour workshop called the Kompass of Life™ that empowers participants to – Discover, Develop, Understand how to establish their – Core Values, Natural Talents, Career Interests, and Life Skills so they will – Be realistic about their future; Set clear goals; Achieve success in life.

compassThis workshop can be offered to individuals, groups or programs in larger organizations. Ten participants are engaged in a self exploration process that is full of success stories of other young adults who have succeeded by taking the workshop. The participants get a chance to share their dreams and goals with their peers and learn from each others collective experience. The 4 hours is high energy, motivational and guarantees that each person will learn something about them self that they can use to plan their life with. The Kompass of life helps them gernerate their initial life and career plan that they then can work with a coach and mentor to turn their goals into reality! This workshop is a 4 hour investment in their life that will deliver exponential results over time.

We invite you to sign up for upcoming workshops or support someone who is interested in attending one. Please email Shane@Kareerinsights.com for interest.