Kareer Insights helps create and enhance existing programs within organizations.  We integrate in our Kompass of Life(tm) workshop and our tools to help current organizations mentor and coach their young adults.  In the past we have partnered with Albuquerque Academy. youth at Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and students at Rio Rancho High School, and Sue Cleveland High School.   We have delivered life skill training to the Rio Rancho High School Varsity Hockey Team and the Urban Youth Development Rio Rancho Basketball Camps.

Kareer Insights  currently working with the Bernalillo County Youth Service Center(Youth Detention Center) to redevelop an entire youth life skills development program.  We are also working with Circles USA, a national nonprofit that eliminates poverty within families, to develop their youth program.

The Kareer Insights program easily adapts to any existing program to help the young adults to explore, learn and get motivated to change their lives and be open to life skill mentoring.  If your organization is interested please contact us and we will partner for the youths future success!