I’ve been stressed out a lot lately about doing one career for the rest of my life and making sure it is something that I want. And so the whole concept of experimenting and stuff was really cool. I liked it a lot.
Jennifer-Age 21

It really helps to put you on a plan for what you are supposed to do to figure out what you really want to do in life. It tells you what your strengths are and bases what you should be doing off of what those are. I realize more what my strengths were, and how people viewed what my strengths were also. That helps a lot to see what other people think of you and what your strengths are.

John-Age 16


It really opened my eyes and helped me realize what I really want to do instead of just going through something that is more stable. It helped me learn what my talents are and what I would be good at.

Wade-Age 13


It can help them realize what their goals are and what their natural talents are. Maybe it would actually show them what they are good at if people are telling them they are not good at things, and help them work toward that.

J- Age 15


It helped me figure out what kind of work I want to do in the future and what I actually want to do in life. Before the class I didn’t really know which path I wanted to go down. But now I do. I know what interests and natural talents that will help me with the work that I want to do now.

Britney-Age 16


I like how I learned in the workshop to evaluate my values, talents and interests. I liked that I learned what I really want to do instead of something I think I like to do.

James-Age 17