Shane BioShane is a very successful Career Coach developing and delivering career development“Shane has a unique set of skills and abilities to quickly engage young adults help them understand themselves and motivate them to invest in their future!workshops around the world.  Shane and a team of developers created a career development workshop for Intel Corporation, which was delivered to 65,000 employees. These workshops are attributed to increasing morale by 40 percent measured through Intel’s internal organization health     assessment.Shane is the content author as well as a master facilitator for Kompass of Life workshop™ and is now applying his passion to youth development.  He brings his life experiences to young adults in ways that actually makes sense to them through their interests, passions, and how they view the world. After several years of working with young adults, Shane has now applied his methodology to help over 850 participants in various programs. Shane has worked with 6th and 7th graders at the Albuquerque Academy. youth at Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and students at Rio Rancho High School, and Sue Cleveland High School. He has delivered life skill training to the Rio Rancho High School Varsity Hockey Team and the Urban Youth Development Rio Rancho Basketball Camps. In 2013 Shane began working with the Bernalillo County Youth Service Center (detention center) to implement the Kompass of Life workshop™ and to partner to develop the daily programming for the     Youth Reporting Center.Shane’s methodology is based off a self-exploration process that allows for the participants’ inner voice to be heard and actually used to develop a plan of action.  He has woven in his own stories as a young adult, as well as stories by others, to help participants see how youth and young adults have pursued their dreams and interests during their journeys through life.Since earning his Business Degree at New Mexico State University, Shane has held numerous roles in Manufacturing, Management, and Business Consulting.  In his personal life, he has been an active coach and mentor to many adults and youth.  He has actively helped non-profit organizations and has a passion for helping young adults begin their career journey.