The Founding of Kareer Insights™ – Thanks to Inspiration from Intel®

Dave Vedera served at Intel for 15 years. Shane Barber served at Intel for 19 years.

In the field of Career Development and Coaching, Shane and Dave have great experience in partnering to create programs to help adults restart and revive their careers.

Dave began by leading the creation of a Career Development program for Intel in Albuquerque, NM. Its focus was to help their workforce with planning their futures. It was so successful that during a three year period Dave, Shane, and a small team of career counselors coached over 300 employees through 900 hours of instruction.

During these coaching sessions, Dave and Shane heard over and over that their adult students would have liked more career and life coaching when they were young adults. These employees admitted they spent more time planning a one week vacation than planning their entire career.

This is what led to the idea of serving young adults and the birth of Kareer Insights.

After Dave’s departure from Intel, Shane was asked to join a global team to take what was created in New Mexico and expand it into a corporate wide program. Shane and a small team took the foundation that Dave established and expanded it into a program that would span the globe.

Shane and his team began by designing new workshops to train managers on how to have meaningful career conversations with their employees. That was followed by designing workshops for the employees. Shane became the master trainer for the corporation and personally certified 250 instructors in just 1 year. That was over 30% of all instructors worldwide. In just 2 years, Shane’s program improved satisfaction in employee development by over 40%. And over 5 years, over 65,000 employees attended the workshops.

This success combined with the idea that employees would have liked more career/life coaching when they were young adults prompted Shane and Dave to initiate the development of their young adult oriented program. Shane began writing the Kompass of Life™ workbook; and Dave began planning the business.

In 2010, Kareer Insights™ was formally established and the first workbook was complete. From 2011-2013, Dave and Shane put over 800 young adults through initial workshops, training sessions and coaching to develop and perfect their assessments and processes.

In 2013, Toby Rose Brown joined them. She brought Kareer Insights™ over 20 years of business and nonprofit expertise.

Kareer Insights™ has matured from a coffee conversation idea into a Formal Career/Life Development Program with a comprehensive “toolkit” and follow-up support for young adults.

Today, Kareer Insights™ strives to partner with
corporations, schools and nonprofits to help our communities’ young adults
develop their life skills; so they will be successful in their journeys through life.