The Founding of Kareer Insights™ Timeline

1993-2012 Shane Barber worked at Intel.

1993-2008 Dave Vedera worked at Intel.

2005 Dave began creating Career Development program for Intel.

2006-07 Dave, Shane, and team coached over 300 Intel employees in planning their future careers.

2007-08 Idea to serve young adults came from hearing employees sorrow in not having had career
and life coaching when young adult.

2008 Idea for Kareer Insights was born.

2009 Shane invited by CEO to expand NM program into a worldwide program which was

2008-09 Shane and team further develop the original program to assist employees with advancing
their careers and personal lives.

2009-12 Shane and team design a train-the-trainer program to train managers to have meaningful
conversations with employees.

2009-12 Shane became master trainer for Intel personally certifying over 30% of all instructors

2011-12 Shane’s program improved satisfaction in employee development over 40%.

2008-12 Over a 5 year period, more than 65,000 Intel employees attended these trainings.

2010 Kareer Insights™ was formed.

2010 Shane completed first revision of the Kompass of Life™ workbook for young adults.

2011-2013 Dave and Shane take 800 young adults through the newly developed young adult workshops,
training sessions and coaching.

2013 Participant “toolkit” and follow-up mentor program are developed.

2013 Kareer Insights™ has matured from an idea into a Formal Career/Life Development Program
with a comprehensive “toolkit” to help young adults be successful in their life journeys.